You Need An Identity.

A logo is your mark. An identity is your new logo, a few colors and fonts, and some examples of how it should all look. Branding is creating a comprehensive guide for how your business will be perceived by customers.

We Create Brands.

SERVICES INCLUDE: Logo design, Identity creation, Brand positioning, Brand voice, Style and Brand guides, Strategic roll-out for Internal & External audiences.

Our Brand.

The California Office is a concept. It’s a mythical place that allows us to create a very high standard for the way we live, operate our business, and work with our clients.

We didn’t design a logo and then hope the the rest of the brand just fell into place.

California is at once laid back, creative, and exploratory while also being the home of intense start-up culture, Hollywood, and a mecca for everything to do with healthy living. Our goal in developing The California Office brand was to immediately convey the energy of California and the power of start-up culture while also remaining rooted in the cultural past.

Only after we honed our view of what the California Office means did we then we created a logo, decided on how to use color, look for imagery to represent our brand, and create a voice.

This is what we do.

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